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Florida's Construction Lawyer:

Glenn Williams, Esq. is Board Certified in Construction Law by The Florida Bar, with offices in Orlando and Winter Park with The Williams Law Firm. Mr. Williams provides FREE initial telephone consultations, call (407) 926-4100 to schedule an appointment (30 minute limitation). Mr. Williams' legal practice focuses on Construction Law and Commericial Lititgation, from contract through trial.

What We Do:

With offices in centrally located in Orlando, Florida, Glenn Williams has a professionally recognized practice throughout Florida in Construction Law, Government Contracts and Commercial Law. In each of these practice areas, my team applies its specialized and extensive legal experience in construction, business, contracts and litigation to apply its expertise to provide clients with solution oriented advice to identify risks, avoid disputes, and resolve problems in a practical and cost effective manner. 

A Board Certified Construction Attorney, practicing throughout Florida since 1998,  in construction and commerical trials representing general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, design professionals, sureties, insureds and insurers.

- Construction Law and Litigation
- Large Claims and Lawsuits - Public and Private
- Claims of Lien
- Contracts
- Collections
- Commercial Landlord / Tenant disputes / leases / collections

My practice focuses on all aspects of public and private construction, prosecuting, defending and contract administration.

Representative construction matters:

- Top 20 U.S. Contractors - Prosecuted and defended multi-million dollar claims and lawsuits.  Defended subcontractor claims and lawsuits, including defending sureties. Drafting prime and sub contracts and providing contract administration and compliance advice before and during projects. 

- Goverment Contractors - Prosecuted multi-million dollar lawsuits and claims. Prosecuted and defended multiple subcontractor lawsuits, and defending sureties involved.. Contract admin / drafting.

- Private Contractors - Prosecuted and defended numerous claims and lawsuits, including matters involving licensing, corporate compliance, OSHA citations / investigations, payment, collections, defects, delays, inefficiencies, lost productivity, lost profit, etc.

- Owners - Prosecuted and defended claims and lawsuits on dozens of multi-unit complexes, and commerical projects, including water / mold intrusion claims. Defended claims from contractors and subcontractors invovling various legal issues and lien claims. Contract admin / drafting.

- Goverment Owners - Prosecuted and defended multi-million claims. Contract admin / drafting.

- Sureties - defense of various claims related to performance and payments.

- Insurers - defense of various claims related to performance and payments.

In representing owners, Glenn's practice also focuses on commercial litigation, including commercial landlord / tenant matters from eviction to collections.

Representative commercial matters:

- Large Publicly Traded Restaraunt - Defended a $5M+ breach of lease.   Prosecute and defend company in contract / vendor related disputes. 

- Large Landlord of Commercial Tenant Space - Prosecuted multiple evictions and collection actions.   

Construction Law -
As a Florida Construction Lawyer, I recognize the importance the industry plays in society and its ever changing roles including contractual relationships and project delivery systems - changes that reshape the rights and obligation of all parties involved in the project. I guide clients through these changes and the new contractual environment through all stages of the project. My primary focus is the successful resolution of disputes with a constant focus on that goal - from contract drafting and negotiation, during project administration, and, if necessary, through mediation, arbitration, litigation, trial and appeal. Over the years, I have successfully assisted contractors, owners, design professionals, sureties, insured's and suppliers in resolving claims involving bid disputes, scheduling impacts, labor issues, defects (including water intrusion), CGL and builders risk insurance claims, professional negligence, payment disputes, lien law, as well as performance and payment bond claims and defense.

Government Contracts -
Perhaps nowhere is the law a more pervasive part of business activities than in the area of Government contracting. It is critical and necessary that every element of the often complex procurement and administration process is properly and effectively managed, and that those involved in the process, the Government, contractors, subcontractors, and others, have solid, clear rules, rights and remedies to guide and protect them from beginning to end. Glenn Williams has the experience to protect those rights and remedies and provides prompt, accurate and in-depth analysis of procurement issues, laws and regulations. The firm in Orlando has experience in representing public contractors and various governmental agencies, including counties, school boards, cities, municipalities and water management districts. I provide advice on business decisions, contract and performance disputes, compliance with contract requirements, protecting technical data, pricing equitable adjustments, issues associated with terminations for default and convenience, assist in the development of bids and proposals, negotiates, drafts and reviews contracts and agreements, handles bid protests, and, as necessary, protects its client rights through formal claims, including contract compliance, notices of claim, and litigation.

Commercial Litigation -
The complexity of commercial litigation requires seasoned trial attorneys. I have extensive knowledge in the areas of business and commercial law and considerable experience in the interpretation and application of complex contractual provisions and rely upon that experience to aggressively and pro-actively resolve these business disputes. This knowledge, coupled with our years of experience in representing the interests of individuals and companies in both state and federal courts gives my clients effective, professional representation. We bring focused, results-oriented strategies to each matter. I handle a full spectrum of issues and cases confronting those doing business in Florida.  

Glenn T. Williams, Esq. (407) 926-4100
Mr. Williams is a Board Certified Orlando Construction Lawyer and focuses on all aspects of public and private projects, prosecuting or defending, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, insurers, insured's and sureties. Glenn has over 15 years of experience with Florida construction laws, defects, lien law, bond law, litigation, large claims with public entities, extra work claims, engineering errors and omissions claims, design deficiency claims, delay / acceleration claims, inefficiency claims, mechanics lien law, claim of lien law, drafting contracts, purchase orders, teaming agreements, negotiating contracts, interpreting large custom and form contracts, interpreting surety bonds and insurance contracts, insurer bad faith, personal injury, OSHA, bid protests, prequalification, licensing, indemnitys and claim recovery through litigation or alternative dispute resolution, as well as providing claims counseling and contractual compliance advice to clients during projects. Glenn was appointed to the Board of Directors with the Construction Financial Management Association of Central Florida, became professionally certified as a Construction Document Technologist with the Construction Specifications Institute, established the Young Constructors Forum with Associated General Contractors of Central Florida, became a Board Certified Construction Attorney, and received certificates in Construction Accounting, Blue Print Reading, Construction Documents and Documentation, and the Florida Building Code.

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